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Apps and extensions


In your account you will see an 'apps' menu item. APPs are features that you can install, with just one click, onto your account.

Most of our APPs are free of charge, but in order that your account doesn't get clogged up with a lot of features that you don't need or won't use we list these extra features as APPs so you can install them if you want to.

Some APPs however do incur a small monthly fee, but again you can just install these with a single click.

Installing an APP

To install an APP on your account you'll need to navigate to the available apps page in your account (select 'apps and extensions' from the menu and then 'available apps').

Click on an app to see the individual details and then click to install it by clicking the 'install this app' button.

Each APP has its own help guide available (this is shown to you when you install the APP). You can also read about each APP on the apps help guides.


Extensions are similar to apps in that they will extend the functionality of your ShopWired account, but extensions require additional code to be added to your theme in order to work.

Extensions specifically extend the functionality of your online store (the front facing website).

For each extension we provide full instructions for you on how to add the code yourself (if you want to), or alternatively you can request a ShopWired expert install the code for you (we just make a charge for our time in doing so).

To view available extensions select 'apps and extensions' from the left menu and then 'available extensions'.

Click on an extension to read more details. You can click to activate it (free of charge) by clicking the 'activate this extension' in the top right of the page. After doing so, the accompanying code will still need to be added to your theme files in order for the extension to work.