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Pages and content

Aside from its products and categories, your website also has other content. That content includes:

i) Text pages (like about us or delivery policy)
ii) A blog
iii) Images
iv) Files/videos (called 'assets')

We'll discuss images and other 'assets' in the next article (you can access it here).

More about text pages

Text pages are pages on your website that have content that you created.

Text pages help to give information to your customers about the aspects of your business (like what your terms and conditions are, what your refund policy is) and also work to inspire confidence in you. So well written content is essential to the success of your site.

You can also use pages to give information to your customers about your products. For example, a coffee retailer may like to write about coffee making techniques.

More about blogging

A blog is a kind of online newsletter that you can create to keep your customers up to date with the latest news about your business, industry trends, reviews of some of your products and other information.

A well written and informative blog can be a great marketing coup - it can attract visitors to your website (as people share it with others) and can also help your rankings in search engines (search engines like Google like it when they see your website has lots of useful content).

You can manage the content of your blog yourself through your account.