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Marketing tools

Your account comes with a few different tools to assist you in marketing the products you have for sale. We'll examine these briefly one by one and you can click the 'read more' links to read the full information about how these work.

Newsletter and marketing sign ups

Email marketing is a great tool. Its easy, its cheap and it can produce some great results.

We display a newsletter sign up form in nearly all of our themes, and whenever a customer creates an account, or buys something from you, we ask them whether they're happy to receive marketing communications from you. If they are then their name and email will appear in your account in the subscriber system.

You can read more about managing your subscribers here.

You can read an introduction to email marketing here.

Voucher codes

Online shoppers love a bargain so you can use our voucher code system in order to create discount voucher codes that your visitors can use at checkout to get discounts off the goods that they are purchasing from you.

You can then include these discount codes in your marketing messages (like your email marketing or ad campaigns).

Read more about voucher codes here.


You can place products on your store 'on sale' by entering a sale price for the item or by creating a sale which covers a range of different products. When you create a sale we'll automatically show the old product price and the new sale price so that your customers can see they are getting a discount.

Read more about sales here.

Google feed

Google have an online shopping search engine, called Google Shoppings, that allows ecommerce website owners (like you) to submit listings of their products to include in results. We provide an automatic system which is easy to use and you just have to give Google the website address of where they can find your product 'feed'. Google do charge for this service but if you're selling your products at a good price compared with your competitors it can be a great marketing tool.

Read more about the Google Feed system here.

Reward points

Reward points entice your customers to come back to your store to buy from you again. For every product on your website you can set a 'reward points earned' value, which is the number of reward points the customer will earn if they purchase the product from you.

When they have enough points they can convert them for a discount on their next purchase or you can create special products they can only buy with reward points.

Read more about reward points here.