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Themes and design

Every website must have a design. On our system we call the design that a website uses a 'theme'.

A theme is a collection of files that makes a website look the way that it does (themes use HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT code).

There are two types of themes:

i) Template themes - where the design has already been created by us and a number of our customers use the same design.

ii) Bespoke themes - where the design is specially created for you, to your requirements, and you are the only one using the design.

Template themes

Template themes come free of charge and you can install them yourself. You can see the themes available by clicking 'themes' from the left hand menu and then 'available themes'.

All the themes can be fully customised by you (directly by editing the HTML, CSS or JAVASCRIPT) but also we have an easy to use editor which allows you to edit things like colours yourself, and also to choose some other settings as well (like what card logos to display, or how many products to show per page).

We can also make changes to template themes for you - so they can be fully customised to your requirements (there is an additional design cost for this service).

Bespoke themes

Bespoke themes are designed by our in-house design team, exactly to your requirements.

Once you order a bespoke theme, we'll contact you with a design questionnaire which asks you lots of different questions about how you want the site to look, who your competitors are and what you like/don't like about their sites.

Our design team will send to you, for approval, each page that they design and you can make as many changes as you like. Once the design is agreed, its then implemented into our system and you'll be able to customise it (like you can customise a template theme). We can also make ongoing changes to the design as and when you require them.

To order a bespoke design go to our website.