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An introduction to migrating

Migrating your data from your existing store to us is easy using our import system.

At present our import system can import data from EKMPowershop®, Bigcommere®, Shopify® and BluePark. If you have a store with another provider please send your data to us and we'll import it for you.

You can import Categories, Customers & Product information from your existing provider to your new website with us. To do so you'll need to take an export from your existing provider and download the information into a spreadsheet (if you're able to choose, please choose to download as a CSV).

When you import your data into our system it will need to be saved as a CSV file. If the data isn't already contained as a CSV file please open the file and save as a CSV.

We recommend that you import categories before you import your products. If you can't get a category export then you can just import your products.

Follow the links below to find out more information about how to import each data type:

Importing categories
Importing products
Importing customers