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Allowing comments on your blog posts

Allowing comments on your blog helps facilitate discussion between you and your customers. All ShopWired websites come activated with the commenting system Disqus.

Through Disqus you can place a comments box on your blog where you can monitor and moderate the comments through your Disqus account.

Your readers will be able to comment by making a Disqus account or by signing in through their Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

The comments section will look similar to this:

To add Disqus to your website follow these steps:

• Creating a Disqus account
• Adding Disqus to your theme

Creating a Disqus account

To install Disqus on your website you will first need to create a Disqus account.

To create an account go to and select Get Started.

Enter your details into the ‘Signup’ form:

Once you have finished entering your details select Signup.

After you have created an account select I want to install Disqus on my site:

In the ‘Create a new site’ box enter your website’s name and select the category:

Under the ‘Website Name’ field you can see your unique Disqus URL:

Highlight and copy the first part of your URL. In the above example you would copy trial-apparel.

Then select the Create Site button.

Adding Disqus to your theme

You will then need to add Disqus to your website's theme. With the first part of your Disqus URL still copied, select Themes > Installed Themes from the menu.

Select Theme Settings for the theme you want to add Disqus to (which will probably be your live theme):

This will open the theme editor for you to use.

Select Features > Blog from the menu on the editor:

In the box under 'Disqus' paste the part of the URL that you copied from Disqus:

Select save changes on the theme and then check your blog on your website to make sure the comments section is there.