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Navigation menus

The menus on your website are what your visitors use to navigate through your website’s pages.

Below are two examples of menus:

There are two types of menus, manual and automatic.

• Automatic menus
• Manual menus

Automatic menus

In automatic menus the items in the menu are automatically created by the system. The ‘category’ menu is an example of this:

The category menu is generated from the categories (and brands if you use the 'Brands' app) that you have created on your website.

These automatic menus exist in other places throughout your website, such as on the side of a category page:

The items that the system puts in an automatic menu cannot be edited by you. However, with some themes, you can add additional items to the category menu by following the instructions for editing links in your manual menus.

Please note!

  • A brand will only show if it contains products.
  • A category/brand will only show if it is 'active'.
If a category or brand isn't showing in one of your automatic menus, and you think it should be, please consult this help guide.

Manual menus

For manual menus you can create and change the links that exist in the menus. In most cases these menus will contain links to certain parts of your website, such as where your customer can login to their account, or to content pages that you have created, such as your ‘About Us’ page.

When you first install a theme, there will be some preconfigured menus, called 'link lists', with links already added to them. Link lists are attached to individual themes, and changes to lists do not transfer between themes. To see and change these links select Website > View Link Lists from the menu. You will then see the preconfigured link lists for your live theme:

Each link list is displayed in its own box.

Additionally, you can see the link lists for any theme that you have installed by opening the theme's section:

As you customise your website you might want to edit the contents of your link lists. Click here to learn how to do this.