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Your website's text and information pages

An ecommerce website is more than just a collection of products organised into categories, and a shopping cart system. Shoppers need to have confidence in the products or services that you offer for sale, in order to buy from you.

An ecommerce site also needs normal 'information' pages like 'About Us' or 'Delivery Information'.

These are what we call 'Website Pages' on our platform and they can be entirely managed by you in your account.

Once you have created a website page its important that you link to it from your website's menus (otherwise no one will be able to find it). Read our article Linking To Pages for more information.

Editing existing pages

Pages already in your account can be edited by selecting 'website' from the left menu and then 'view pages'. A list of your website's pages will then be displayed.

Click the 'edit' link to edit the page.

You can click the 'view' link to view the page on your website.

When editing a page you can follow the same instructions as described on our Creating Pages article.