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Using customer sources

The 'how your customers heard about you' APP, when installed, will add a drop down list on your checkout form and customer registration form that allows your customers to select how they have heard about you.

The list displayed to your customers is entirely created by you so you can add in options like 'Google', 'Yahoo', 'Magazine Advert', 'Radio Advert' or whatever you like.

In the 'reports' section of the management system, you can then generate a report to display what your most popular customer sources are, what value (and number) of orders each source has led to, and what the best performing, and worst performing are.

Using this tool you can streamline your marketing efforts by getting rid of poorly performing advertising mediums and spending more on the better performing campaigns.

Setting up your customer sources

Once you've installed the APP click 'settings' from the left menu and then 'visitor monitoring' and 'customer sources'.

In the top box type the name of the customer source you'd like to add, e.g. 'Radio' or 'Google'.

and click the 'create customer source' button.

It will then be displayed in the list below (in the existing customer sources box).

When you've added your sources you'll have a list similar to our example below.

You can add to or edit this list at any time.

The customer experience on your website

When signing up for an account or placing an order with you, your customer will be asked how they heard about you.