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Your home page images/banners

Most of the website designs we produce have, what are known as, home page banner images. These are a collection of images shown on the home page.

In the example below, the home page banner is indicated with the red arrow.

Often there is more than one banner image and the banners slide from side to side or fade in and out. In order to achieve this, you need to have uploaded more than one banner image, so we use a gallery to group all the images together.

To edit the images on your website's home page you can follow the instructions below.

Creating an image of the right size

Its important that you upload an image of the right size. You can find out the size of the image by looking at your theme notes.

You may need to use photo editing software like Photoshop in order to create an image of the right size. Our design team can assist you in making sure your images are the right size but there will be an additional charge for the service.

Changing your home page images

Select 'assets' from the left menu and then 'galleries'.

A list of galleries will then be shown to you (galleries are grouped into themes so if you have more than one theme installed on your account you'll need to make sure that you are uploading your images to the correct gallery).

Click the gallery called 'Home Page Banners'.

Uploading your images

First you'll want to upload your new images by clicking the 'add new images' button.

A pop-up window will then appear.

Select the images from your computer's hard drive by clicking the 'choose file' button.

And click the 'upload images' button.

Deleting old images

You can delete old images by clicking the delete icon next to each image.

Clicking the icon will make it appear like in the example below.

It won't delete immediately, you'll need to click the 'save changes' button to do this.

Putting in image text and links

Most of our themes allow you to add text overlaying your image, like shown in the example below.

For each image in your gallery you can add this text in the 'image name/text' field.

You can also add in a link for each image. Clicking the image will take the user to the link you specify.

In the example above you'll see that for the target URL we have only entered the text 'red-wine' - i.e. you don't need to enter the whole website address here only the last bit of the link.

Changing an image's position

To move an image into a new position in the gallery, click the icon (indicated in the example below) and drag and drop the image into a new position.