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Installing your payment gateway

Getting started!

If you’re not sure what a payment gateway is, or you don’t have one yet, please read through the Receiving Payments guidance.

To add a payment gateway to your account select Checkout > Payment Gateway from the menu.

The most popular payment gateways have already been pre-installed onto the ShopWired platform, so you will only need to enter your unique account details to add them to your account.

In the ‘Other Payment Gateways’ section select the payment gateway you want to add from the dropdown menu:


If you want to use a payment gateway that isn’t already installed on the system, you can contact us and ask for it to be added. However, there may be an additional charge for this service.

Once you have selected the gateway from the menu select add this gateway.

The form for the gateway will then be added beneath the selection box:

Enter your details for your merchant account for the gateway in the form. If you don’t know where to find these details, you will need to contact the payment gateway to ask where to find them.

Once you have filled in your details, select the save changes button. The payment gateway will then automatically be activated on your account.


It’s very important that you enter your details for the gateway exactly as they have been provided by your merchant. Any incorrect details will result in the gateway not working correctly.

In addition to entering your information in the form, some payment gateways require you to take additional setup steps within your payment gateway account. When additional setup is required a ‘Setup Assistance’ box will appear:

Click on the box and follow the instructions in the guide to complete setup.

The ShopWired platform is capable of supporting more than one payment gateway on your store, but, depending on your theme, you might need to make some HTML/CSS changes so multiple gateways will show. Once you’ve finished setting up all of the payment gateway options you want to include, check your website to see how each option is displaying to customers. If you need assistance because your theme is not displaying the checkout options correctly, please contact us.

Helpful tip!

Once you have set up your payment gateway, perform a test transaction to ensure that it is working correctly.