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How to set up a gift wrapping option on your website

Gift wrapping is an additional service that you can offer to your customers through your website.


This way of setting up gift wrapping is only suitable if customers can add gift wrapping as an option to their entire order. If you want customers to be able to add gift wrapping to individual products you should add the gift wrapping option as a product extra instead. Customisations can then be made to your theme to display a gift wrapping image or graphic next to the extra’s tick box.

To add a gift wrapping option on your website’s checkout page follow these instructions:

• Creating the gift wrapping option
• Adding the gift wrapping message to the checkout

Creating the gift wrapping option

First create a new product in your account. Set the name of the product as ‘Gift Wrapping’ and choose an image for the product. Don’t set a category or add any other information to the product except for the price.

Make the price of the product the cost of the gift wrapping service. If it’s a free service set the price as 0.00.

Adding the gift wrapping message to the checkout

Once you have created the product you will need to add it to your checkout page as a box with a clickable link which allows customers to add the service to their basket. This box will look something like this:

To add this box in you will need to edit the shopping basket page in your live theme's code and include a link to add the ‘Gift Wrapping’ product to the shopping basket.

If you want to add the box in yourself you can read instructions here for how to make the link add the gift wrapping product to the basket when clicked.

If you’re not familiar with editing your page files in HTML then contact us and ask us to add the box in for you, but please note there will be an additional charge for this service.