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An introduction to delivery pricing

Delivery rates are setup by you (a store owner) to determine how much your customers are charged for delivery, to their chosen address, of the products they have purchased from your store.

How do they work?

When a customer wants to purchase the products in their basket, they are asked to select their delivery zone (normally a country but can also be an area like 'Scottish Highlands').

Based on the zone selected, the customer is shown available delivery rates (based on what items are in their basket) to choose from.

The delivery rates available to the customer to choose are dependent on the rates that you have created in your account.

Different delivery rates can be shown to the customer (if you have created them) such as 'Standard Delivery' and 'Next Day Delivery', for them to choose from (as shown in the example below).

How do I create delivery rates?

1. First you need to setup your delivery zones. Further instructions on how to do this are located here.

2. Next you need to decide whether delivery charging will be based on the total value (in £) of the products in a customer's shopping basket, or the total weight (in kg). You can find out more information about this here. If you decide to base it on the total weight you'll need to enter the weight for each of your products.

3. Now you can setup your delivery rates.

What if I don't charge for delivery?

If you don't charge for delivery you can skip this entire process. You'll need to contact us and we'll remove the delivery procedure from your website.