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Enabling the offline payment method

The offline payment method allows your customers to submit an order online, but instead of paying over the internet, they pay you with a payment method away from your website (like a bank transfer or cheque payment).


Please note, that there is no 'credit limit' facility on the platform so if you are accepting offline payment you'll need to carefully monitor the orders that your customers place if you are fulfilling the orders before receiving payment.

Enabling offline payment

To enable offline payment follow these steps. First you'll need to navigate to the offline payment page by selecting 'checkout' from the left menu and then 'offline payment'.

1. Tick the box that says 'yes' to enable offline payment.

2. This will then automatically enable offline payment on your website by displaying a 'complete payment offline' button on the checkout page of your website.

(we describe further down the page how you can change the text displayed for the button).

3. When a customer requests to complete payment offline and completes checkout, they are sent an order confirmation email. You can include some additional text on this email if you want to by entering it into the 'Email Confirmation Instructions' box.

You don't have to use this box to enter payment instructions, you can use it to include text about something else if you prefer.

4. When the customer completes checkout they are shown the 'checkout complete' page which tells them their purchase has been successful. You can also write some additional text for this page if you want to by entering it into the 'Order Confirmation Website Page Instructions' box (shown below).

This box has an HTML editor so you can make text bold and in different sizes, you can find out more information about how to use this here.

5. Once you've finished make sure that you save your changes.

The offline payment button on your website

The exact text used on the button (by default its set as 'COMPLETE PAYMENT OFFLINE') can be changed by you. You can read the instructions on this article to find out how.

If you have the trade accounts feature enabled on your website, you'll be able to set this offline payment button to only display if you've set the individual trade account to have a credit account. You can find out more by reading our article Can I give my trade customers credit accounts?