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How to enter your website's home page SEO tags

The home page of your website is probably the most important page of your website in terms of onsite search engine optimisation.

A lot of the content generated on your website's home page will be content derived from other parts of your site, such as 'featured categories' or 'featured products' so you'll need to analyse your website's home page and look at which parts of the content can be optimised and where.

The meta tags for your website's home page can be set individually in your account by following the instructions below.

Meta information

Click 'settings' on the left hand menu and then 'seo'.

Scroll past the first box on the page and to the section titled 'configure the SEO tags for your website's fixed pages' and select the 'home page'.

The Meta Title

This is the title of your website page as shown in the browser. See the below example from - the meta title is pointed to by the arrow.

We'd recommend between 60 and 160 characters in length.

Your main site's keywords/keyphrases should be at the start of the tag.

We recommend not using the | or : symbol but using the - or , symbols to separate text segments/keywords/keyphrases.

The title appears in search engine results as the title of the entry (pointed to by the arrow in the below example).

Meta Keywords

Experts disagree on the importance of this field and we'd recommend that you don't use the meta keywords tag (as search engines don't actually use it when deciding rankings), but you can still enter information here if you want to.

Meta keywords are not displayed to your visitors anywhere, and are only viewed by the search engines that look at the computer code that makes your website work.

Meta Description

The meta description is used to enter a description of the website page's contents. Search engines will look at this field and often use it to display a text snippet about the page in search engine results.

Its important that you take time to consider what the meta description tag should be, as getting your site high in search engine results is only half the battle, the other battle is getting people to click on it.

Please Note!

Changes that you make to your website's meta tags will not show in search engines immediately, you'll need to wait until the search engine next looks at your site (which can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks) until they list the changes.

Custom meta tags/site verification

Read More!

You'll notice a box titled 'meta tags' at the top of the 'SEO' page. This section allows you to enter your own meta tags. These are usually used to verify your website with services like Google Search Console. Click here to read more about how to use these fields.