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Website info

To change your company’s information that is displayed on your website select Settings > Website Info from the menu.

Then choose either Basic Information, Logo & Favicon or Social Networks to adjust the settings.

• Basic information
• Logo & favicon

Basic information

Selecting Basic Information allows you to change your company’s contact details that display on your website:

Enter the information as you would like it to be displayed on your ‘Contact Us’ page.

Select save changes to confirm making the changes on your website.


You can choose to leave any part of this blank, but make sure you are aware of any legal requirements for what contact information needs to be displayed on your website. These requirements may differ depending on if you are a sole trader or a registered company. In the UK, an email address, business name and office address are a legal requirement for both. Always ensure you have checked with the relevant authorities for what you are legally required to do.

Logo & favicon

Selecting Logo & Favicon allows you to upload/change the logo and favicon that displays on your website.


Your logo's file type will need to be either a JPG, JPEG, GIF or PNG. If the file is not already in one of these formats you will need to convert it before trying to upload it. Please contact us if you need helping converting your file.

Under the ‘Your Logo’ box use the select image file button to upload an image from your computer’s hard drive:

You can then crop the image to remove white space around the logo:

Select save changes when you are finished cropping, and your image will be uploaded as your logo.

Wondering what size logo you should upload?

The system will automatically resize your logo when you upload it, but you should read this guide for more information about logo sizes.


A favicon is the icon that displays with your website in the address bar or the tab:

Under the ‘Your Favicon’ box use the select image file button to upload an image from your computer’s hard drive:

The file you upload must be in .ico or .png format.

Once you have uploaded a logo or a favicon you will be able to change or remove it: