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Creating/installing a link list

• Creating a new link list
• Installing link lists

Creating a new link list

To create a new link list for a theme select Website > View Link Lists from the menu. Select the ‘Create A New Link List’ option under the theme you want to add a link list to:

You can then configure the details of the list using the same guidance as editing a link list.

Once you have selected save changes and created your link list the list will appear under the theme with the other link lists:

Your new link list won’t be live on your website until you choose one of the pre-defined menu spaces on your theme for it to be shown.

Installing link lists

Each theme comes with pre-defined spaces for menus, as seen in this example:

Menus won't appear anywhere else on a theme other than in the pre-defined spaces.

The link lists that exist in these spaces are set in the theme’s settings.

If you want to place a new link list in a space instead of the one which currently exists (for example, if you had created a new list), select Themes > Installed Themes from the menu. Select Theme Settings for the theme’s link lists you want to change.

Version 4 themes

For version 4 themes selecting Theme Settings opens the live preview editor. To install a link list select Link Lists in the Style Editor tab. In this tab you can see all of the current lists that exist in the spaces for a theme. To change the list that exists in a location select the dropdown under ‘Select a new link list for this menu’:

Select a new list from your configured lists, and the live preview will immediately update with the new selection in place. If you are happy with the change, select save changes in the top right corner, and the change will become live on your theme.

Version 3 and prior themes

For version 3 and prior themes, on the Theme Settings page scroll down to find the ‘Link Lists’ section:

For each space a list has already been selected. To change the list that is used for a space open the dropdown and select a new list:

Then select save changes, and the new list will be in the space for the theme.