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What are SEO warnings?

You may notice on your account dashboard a section dedicated to SEO warnings

Every 24 hours, our system will check for specific SEO errors on your website. At the moment these are limited to 3 things concerning your product, category, brand, website pages and blog pages on your website.

i) Duplicate title tags
ii) Duplicate meta descriptions
iii) Duplicate page URLs

Each page on your website should have a unique Title Tag, Meta Description and URL. If we find two or more pages sharing the same then we'll flag this up as a warning.

Fixing the errors

Clicking the 'view all' button on the SEO warnings page will display the warnings.

The warnings are grouped into their respective types (either a title tag, meta description or URL warning).

In the above example you can see that 2 products are sharing the same title tag of 'CHELSEA BOOT SIDE ZIP DETAIL | Shoes |'.


Clicking the product name will open up the product page in a new window so that you can change the title tag.

Sometimes the warning might be flagged because a category and a brand page share the same title tag, or a product and a category.

The other warnings (for meta descriptions and page URLs) work in the same way.

24 hour delay

The SEO warning system only checks your website every 24 hours (overnight) so any fix you apply won't immediately update the warnings page.

Suggested reading

We suggest that you read the following articles:

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