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Using more than one domain name

Often website owners like to have more than one domain name for their website.

For example

This allows you to ensure people find your website address whether they use the .com or the .us (or other TLDs too like .net or .uk).

Some website owners also like to use more than one domain name for a perceived advantage for SEO, for example you might be a shoe shop and your domain name is but you also own and so you want your website to display at both domain names.

In both instances, you need to choose the main domain name for your site for use on our platform.

You should enter this main domain name as your custom domain name in your account.

Once you've chosen the main domain name, for the secondary domain names you need to set them up to automatically forward to your main domain name. This cannot be done through your account with us.

Setting up your secondary domain names

You need to login to your domain name control panel. Your control panel is provided by the company that you registered your domain names with.

You then need to setup each secondary domain name as a web forwarding domain name. This means that will automatically forward through to or will automatically forward to

In your domain control panel, you should see the ability (when managing the secondary domains) to setup web forwarding. You should then setup the secondary domain name to automatically forward to the main domain name you have chosen (and entered in your account).

If you need assistance with this you should contact your domain name registrar's support team directly.

Unfortunately we cannot assist you in setting up your website forwarders.