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How to create and upload a favicon

The little icon shown in browsers is called a favicon. (As shown in the example below)

The favicon is displayed using a special type of file (an .ico) file so if you want to display a favicon you'll have to have your favicon as an .ico file.

Creating a favicon

First you'll need to prepare an image file that contains the image that you want to have as your icon.

You'll need to create an image that has a size of 64px x 64px (width x height). Save this image file to your computer's hard drive.

Now you'll need to create an .ico file from this image file you have created.

Go to

Select the size as 64px from the drop down and select the file from your computer's hard drive.

Now click the 'create favicon' button.

On the next page click the 'download' button which will download the favicon to your computer's hard drive.

Uploading your favicon

Go to our management system and click 'settings' from the left hand menu and then 'website info' and then 'basic information'.

Scroll to the 'logos' section and click the 'choose file' button for 'your favicon' upload area.

Find the .ico file on your computer's hard drive and select it.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'save changes' button.


Unfortunately, website browsers are particularly slow at updating the favicon they display, so whilst you may have uploaded your favicon correctly it may not be showing when you look at your website. Please read our article My favicon isn't displaying for more information and for instructions on how to check your favicon is uploaded.