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Uploading your logo to your website

All of our themes have a predefined area for you to upload your logo to.

Your logo file will need to be either JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF. If it isn't in one of these formats then you should convert it to one of them before uploading in your account. Please contact us if you'd like our assistance in converting the logo.

What Size Logo Should You Upload?

Our system will automatically resize your logo when you upload it to the website, but please take a look at our information guide about logo sizes here.

To upload your logo follow the instructions below:

1. Select 'settings' from the left menu, then click 'website info' and then 'basic information'.

2. Click the 'choose file' icon in the logos box on the page

3. Select the logo file from your computer's hard drive.

4. Click the 'save changes' button at the bottom of the page.

When you look at your website you may need to press refresh (F5 on the keyboard if using a windows computer) to see the new logo in place.