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Using product extras

Product extras are additional options that can be purchased with a product with the tick of a box.

They are different to variations in that the customer is not forced to make a choice of a particular variation that they want (like what colour or size they want) but rather whether they want to add something onto a product.

For example, if you are selling an iPhone on your website, you may want to give your customers a quick route to adding a car charger (rather than listing the car charger as a separate product), an example is shown below.

How to setup product extras

Once you have installed the APP, when adding/editing a product a new box will be displayed titled 'product extras'.

Here you can enter the name of the extra and then the price. If an extra doesn't have an additional price then you can leave the price field blank.

You may be listing your product extras as individual products in their own right. If you are, and you're using the stock management system, then you can link a product to an extra by selecting the corresponding product from the 'linked product' drop down. This is optional.

When a product extra is ordered and it is linked to a product, we'll reduce the stock quantity of the individual product accordingly. Please note that you cannot link a product extra to a product where that product has variations with their own SKU code.


If a product that is linked to an extra is out of stock the system will not hide the extra on the product page and will not prevent the user from ordering it.

What's the customer experience?

On the product page the customer is given the option of ticking (or not ticking) to have the product extra.

If they tick the box then the product along with the extra will be added to their basket.