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Creating a new product

To add a new product select 'products' from the left menu and then click 'create new product'.

The page where you add a product is split into different sections, we'll describe each section in turn below but to add a saleable product to your website you'll only need to add in a name and price for the product.

Product details

First you'll need to enter the product name and the product description.

The product description box has an HTML editor. You can find out more information about how to use it by reading this article.

Product images & video

Upload images for your product by selecting the image from your computer's hard drive.

If you want to add in another image then click the '+add another image' link.

You can add an ALT tag for your image by clicking the 'add an alt tag for the image' link. You can read more about this here.

Swapping the order of your images

If you have uploaded multiple images for a product then you can change the order in which they appear using the compass icon.

You need to click and hold on this icon and 'drag' the image into a new position.

Image sizes

If you are unsure what size image to upload then read our article What size image should I upload for my product?

Product video

If you want to display a video for your product then you can add in embedding code for the video here (the video will need to be hosted on a website like YouTube or Vimeo and then embedded onto your product by entering the embedding code here).

Categorise your product

You can select a category for your product here from the category drop down list.

Please note that you can't select a category for your product if that category contains subcategories. So if you do select a category that has subcategories a new drop down selection will appear beneath where you must select a subcategory (like shown in the example below).

You can click the '+add another' link if you'd like to place the product in another category.

Product pricing

Enter the purchase price for your item in the 'product price' field.

If your item has variants (like different sizes) that have different prices, enter the lowest price its for sale at in this box.

If you want to add a specific sale price for the product or RRP (compare price) then click the '+more pricing' link and more fields will be displayed.

Compare Price

In the 'compare price' box if your item has an RRP (recommended retail price) you can enter it here and it will display on the website.

Sale Price

If you enter a sale price for the product it will override the normal product price you've written above and your website will show both the old price (crossed out) and the new sale price.

Stock & delivery management

The next section is where you enter stock and delivery information about the product.

If you want our system to manage stock for your product you should enter a SKU code for the product and an opening stock quantity. You must enter a SKU code for the stock management system to work (just entering a stock quantity will have no effect). You can read more about SKU codes and stock management here.

If you are charging for delivery based on the total weight of your products then enter a weight for the product here.

HS Tariff Code

If you're shipping products internationally, you can prepare your product data for use with apps we are currently developing that integrate automatically with couriers like Royal Mail.

You can enter the HS Code into this field. If you don't know the code, click the 'look up code' link to be taken to the United Kingdom Government website which contains a searchable directory for you to obtain the code. Read more about HS Codes here.

Specific delivery price

You can also set a specific delivery price for the product (if you want to override your normal delivery charging), by entering the price in the box (or ticking the 'free' box if you want the product to be delivered free of charge).

If the customer only orders this product they will only be charged the delivery rate set. If they order other products, this product will be excluded from normal delivery charge calculations.

If the customer purchases more than 1 of the product they will be charged the specific delivery price for each quantity of the product they add to their basket. To stop this from happening, and only charge the customer once, tick the 'do not charge for multiple orders of the same product' tick box (as indicated in the screenshot below).

Product variants

We've written a separate help guide to using the product variants section which you can read here.

Related products

Every product page on your website has space at the bottom of it for 'related' products.

Related products are products that your customers may also want to look at. For instance, if you are selling clothes and the customer is looking at a pair of trousers, you may also want to show them a matching shirt and jacket.

You can select to generate random related products or select them manually by selecting one of the options shown below. (Random related products are taken from the same category that the selected product is in).

If you choose to select them manually you'll be able to do so from the drop down list.

You can add another by clicking the 'add another' link beneath the drop down.

You can optionally select to generate random related products for all your products. To do so select 'settings' from the left menu and then 'products'. Tick 'yes' for the setting labelled Would you like to generate random related products for all of your products?.

Please note that selecting this setting can still be overridden by manually selecting related products using the drop down exampled above.

Additional information

Depending on what features are enabled on your account you'll have an 'additional information' box.

Click this box to enter other information for the product.

For example if you have the Google Feed feature enabled on your account you'll be able to enter a GTIN and MPN for the product here.

Or if you have the Product Search Keywords APP enabled then you'll be able to enter those keywords here.

Google Shopping

If you have the Google Shopping APP enabled in your account, you'll be able to select a Google Category for the product, and the product condition.

For more information read the help guide on the Google Feed.

eBay Information

If you have the eBay Connector APP enabled in your account, you'll be able to enter specification information about the product that will be sent to eBay.

For more information read the help guides on the eBay Connector APP.

Saving & viewing the product

When you've finished click the 'save changes' button at the bottom of the page.

The product will be saved and the page reloaded. You can click the green 'view product' button at the top of the page to view the product on your website.

Alternatively if you'd like to close the page and return to your normal products then click the 'save + close' button.