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Introduction to importing, exporting and updating products

The bulk import/export feature allows you to import new products and take an export (download) of existing products via a spreadsheet upload. Using the feature you can both create new products and also update existing products.

To use the bulk import/export feature select 'products' from the left hand menu and then 'product import/export'.

This guide is intended to walk you through the necessary steps in preparing new products to be uploaded or updating existing products. There's also a help guide on exporting your products (a necessary step if you are planning to update them via the bulk upload feature).

Use the links on the left hand side to read the help articles.


We advise all of our customers, before commencing a bulk import or update, to read these guides in full and test the feature before doing a full import or update.


Its important to beware of doing a lot of work on a spreadsheet only to find that once you have finished the spreadsheet can't be used because you have done things incorrectly so that's why we advise you to do a small test first.

Please read these guides carefully and if preparing an import or update please perform a small amount of work, save the spreadsheet and send it to us and we'll review it and let you know if its all correct so that you can proceed.