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Creating and managing brands

Most ecommerce websites arrange their products into categories and subcategories. This helps the website's visitors to find products they are looking for quickly.

As well as categorising products in this way, we also allow you to categorise your products into another type of classification called Brands.

Working in a similar way to categories, you simply have to create the brands on your system and then assign products to each brand.

Creating brands and assigning products

You'll need to make sure you've installed the Brands APP first.

Brands are created in a similar way to creating a category. Select 'products' from the left hand menu and then click 'create new brand'.

Enter the details for the brand on this page (you can add a name, description and logo for each brand).

Once you've created your brands when adding/editing a product, in the 'categorise your product' box you'll see a 'brand' drop down.

You just need to select the brand for the product here.

A few notes:

• You can only assign a product to one brand at any one time.
• Brands are different to categories in that there are no 'sub-brands'
• There's no limit on the number of brands that you can have

How do my website visitors use brands

All websites come with a 'brands' page which is a list of all of the brands that you carry. The exact design will vary from theme to theme.

You can link to this page by creating a custom link to the page

On clicking a link on this page your customers will be shown all of the products for that brand.