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Managing stock

Once you have entered a SKU code for a product or its variations, you'll then be able to start managing the stock levels for it through the automatic system.

The stock management page

There is a stock management page in your account which lists every SKU code and the stock quantity. To access it select 'products' from the left hand menu and then 'manage stock'.

If a product has variations it will display the variation in the table.

On this page you can do a few different things:

i) Export stock - by clicking the 'export stock' button in the top right you'll be able to download a spreadsheet which contains details of all of your SKU codes.
ii) Import stock - will allow you to update stock quantities in bulk via spreadsheet upload read more here.
iii) Change the stock quantity for a particular SKU code (by following the instructions below).

Changing the stock quantity of a SKU code

To change the stock quantity of a SKU code click on the existing number and it will turn it into a field that you can edit

Enter the new stock value in this box and click somewhere else on the page. The stock value will then update (there's no save changes button to click).

Changing the value on the product page

You can also manage stock levels when adding/editing a product.


Please note that you will need to enter a SKU code for your stock value to work on your front end website.

You can change the stock value in the 'stock & delivery' section.

If your product has variations then you'll need to enter the stock value for each variation.