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Product settings

To change settings having to do with your products select Settings > Products from the menu. Below is an explanation of all of the settings that appear on the product settings page. You might not see all of these settings if you have not installed/activated the relevant feature.

• Basic product settings
• Additional product settings

Basic product settings

Changing image and category defaults

The default number of images per product, categories a product can be placed in and parent categories a category can have can be changed by entering a new number in the relevant box:

The images setting has a limit of 200. The number of categories setting has a limit of 50. The number of parent categories setting has a limit of 25.

Customisation fields and file uploads

If you want your customers to be able to enter text in customisation fields when ordering products, then set this setting to ‘Yes’:

If you want customers to be able to be able to upload files when ordering products, set this setting to ‘Yes’:

Related products

When creating a product you can manually add related products that will appear on the product’s page. If you want related products to be randomly generated for all of your products, so you don’t have to manually add them, then choose ‘Yes’ here:

Product choice setting

If a customer orders multiple quantities of a product and they choose a product choice that comes with additional cost, you can choose here if they should be charged the price of the choice for each quantity of the product they purchase:

Leave the setting as ‘Yes’ to charge the price for each quantity and change it to ‘No’ to only charge the price once.

Hide out of stock products

If you want out of stock products to be hidden from search results and category pages, choose ‘Yes’ for this setting:

Reserving stock


The reserved stock feature is not 100% foolproof. There are certain scenarios where a product may still go out of stock.

Use this setting to determine if stock should be reserved at a chosen point in the order process:

The default setting is ‘No’ where stock isn’t reserved at any point in the order process. Alternatively you can choose to have the stock be reserved when the checkout form (containing the customer’s name and address) is submitted but payment is yet to be made. Or you can choose to have the stock be reserved from the time the customer adds the product to their basket.

When you choose either of the options a new box will appear asking you to enter the number of minutes you want the stock to be reserved for:

Once you have finished adjusting your settings select save changes.

Additional product settings

Changing number of product extras

If you have installed the product extras app, you can change the number of extras a product can have by using this box (the default is 3):

The limit for the number of product extras is 25.

Min/max order quantities

If you are using the min/max order quantities app, you can set a default minimum and maximum order quantity that applies to every product using these fields:

If you only want certain types of customers to be restricted by the min/max order quantities set, use this setting to determine who should be affected by them:

The default is for all customer types to be affected but you can untick the customer types that you don’t want to be restricted by the quantities.

Product Q&A

If you have activated the product questions and answers app, you can choose for all products to automatically be suitable for Q&A by changing this setting to ‘Yes’:

Multi-buy offers

If you have installed the multi-buy offers app, a setting will be available for you to choose who should have access to multi-buy offers:

Back order settings

If you use the stock on back order app, the ‘Back Order Settings’ section will be available for you to configure default settings for the app:

Use the ‘Out of stock products are’ setting to determine if all products which are out of stock should be allowed to be purchased or not.

In the ‘global quantity limit’ field set how many of an out of stock product can be purchased before it cannot be purchased anymore. This determines by how much an out of stock product’s stock levels can go into the negative.

Once you have finished adjusting your settings select save changes.