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An introduction to trade accounts and their features

A trade customer is a different type of registered account to a normal customer account.

Trade accounts have some special features:

1. They can be given different pricing for products on your store
2. They can be given a credit account
3. You can set your site to display in a 'trade friendly' way to trade customers using the B2B settings page
4. You can create a different set of products and categories that only trade customers can see

Creating trade accounts

Trade customers create their accounts using a different form to normal customers.

When editing link lists, this page is called 'Trade Application' and the URL for the page is account/trade-application

By default, trade customers accounts need to be approved by you before they are made active (this enables you to set the discount for the trade account before making it live) but you can change this on the B2B settings page.

To activate a trade account follow the instructions below.

Trade customer accounts can also be created by you using the online form in the management system.

Logging into a trade account

Trade accounts still login to their account at the normal account login page (also used by regular customers).

The URL for the login page account/login.

There's no separate login area for trade customers.

Managing trade accounts

Existing trade accounts on your website can be viewed by selecting 'B2B' from the left hand menu and then 'view trade accounts'.

New trade accounts will be displayed as inactive on this page, so you'll need to click the 'active' tick box to activate the trade account.

You can click the 'edit' link to edit the details of the trade account (the form will be the same form used when creating a new trade account). When you receive a new application for a trade account you'll probably want to check the details first.

De-activating a trade account

If you want to temporarily suspend a trade account, so that the customer can't use it, just tick the 'active' box so that there is no tick present in the box. This will stop the account holder from being able to access the account.

Deleting trade accounts

To delete a trade account click the 'delete' icon next to the account.

You'll be asked to confirm your choice and then the account will be deleted.


If you delete a trade account all of the information associated with that account (except for the orders they have made) will be lost forever.

Special content for your trade customers

Your website can detect whether a trade customer is logged into their account and it can be coded in such a way as to show different content and menus to trade account customers that are logged in.

In order to do this you'll need to edit your theme's files, or if you don't feel confident doing so you can contact us and ask us to help you (there maybe an additional charge for this service).