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Editing the link lists for your website's menus

Please note!

Link lists are individual to each theme. Making changes to link lists for one theme does not change the link lists on all of your themes.

To edit the links in your website’s manual menus select Website > View Link Lists from the menu.

Here you can identify, by name, the link list you want to edit as well as see a preview of the links already in the list:

If you aren't sure which link list it is that you need to edit, or you don't think a link list exists for the set of links you want to change, please contact us.

• Editing link lists
• Automatic links in link lists

Editing link lists

To edit a link list click on either the name of the list or the preview of the links in the list. This will open the 'Edit A Link List' page, which contains all of the current details and links contained in that menu.

You can see the current details in the ‘Link Lists Details’ section:

ID is the unique ID of the link list, and it cannot be changed.

Position is where the link list is on your website. This text is for information purposes only and changing it will not change the actual position of the list on your website. It is recommended that you do not change the text in this box, but you can if you want to.

Title is the title of the link list. If this box is blank do not add any text here as some link lists do not use titles, and it could adversely affect the design of your website.

Use the ‘Configure The Links’ section to change the links included in the list:

Use the Compass icon to rearrange the order that the links appear in the list. Click the icon and drag the link to the new position.

Use the Bin icon to delete a link.

The Link Name is the text that will be displayed as the link for visitors to your website to click on. It is a good idea to name the link where it leads to, e.g. if it takes you to the contact page the link would be ‘Contact Us’.

The Links To field is where you choose what page the link will open on when clicked. Use the dropdown selection box to choose a page:

Use this guide to help you select where to link to:


Home Page Links to the home page of your website
Contact Us Your contact us page
Ecommerce Page Links to one of the ecommerce pages on your website e.g. Shopping Basket, Customer Account Login, Customer Account Registration page
Category Links to one of your website's categories Any of the categories you have created
Product Links to one of your website's products Any of the products you have created
Page Links to one of your website's text pages Any text page you have created (e.g. About Us, Terms & Conditions)
Blog Post Links to one of your website's blog posts Any blog page you have created or your blog's home page
Custom Links to any URL you choose to enter


For each option that you can choose, except for ‘Home Page’ and 'Contact Us', a box will appear to the right for you to make a selection or input a URL.

Some links are only available for you to choose if you have the relevant feature enabled on your account. For example, if you have not installed the ‘Gift Vouchers’ app the gift voucher links won’t be options for you to choose.

If you have chosen to use a custom link and the link is for an external website you should input the entire URL (including http://). If the custom link is for a page on your website, you only need to enter the end part of the URL, the ‘path’, as seen below:

Once you have finished editing your link list select save changes. The updated link list will then immediately be live on your theme. Please check your website to make sure the menu is operating as you want it to.

If you are using a Version 4 theme, you can also change your link lists in the live preview editor for your theme. Click here to learn how to do this.

Automatic links in link lists

Some of the locations on your website that you can choose as an option to link to have an automatic aspect to them where they only appear under certain circumstances.

The Account Home link will always show, but will direct the visitor to the 'login' page if they are not already logged in to an account.

These links will only show if a customer isn't logged in to an account:

Create Account
Forgotten Password
Account Login
Trade Application

These links will only show if a customer is logged in to an account:

Edit Account
Account Logout