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Creating and managing offers

Offers are created and managed through the offers section within your ShopWired account.

To access the offers section, select 'marketing' from the left menu and then either 'view offers' to view (and edit) existing offers, or 'create new offer' to create a new offer.

• Creating a new offer
• Managing existing offers

Creating a new offer

You'll be asked to enter a Title and Description for the offer. Both of these can be displayed on your ShopWired website, refer to the guidance here.

Both the Title and Description are for information purposes only (for display on your website and to help you manage the offer) and do not affect the offer's functionality.

Start date and end date

You can enter a Start Date and End Date for the offer. These will determine during what date period the offer is available for customers to use. In order to be displayed on your website, offers need to be valid - so ShopWired won't display offers that are set not to be active.

Customers will therefore not be able to use or see the offer if today's date is outside of the start/end date period.

Discount type and amount

You'll need to select what type of discount is being offered to the customer.

Offers can be Fixed Price or Discount. In the case of Fixed Price offers, the customer will pay the amount that you enter for all the products in their basket that are part of the offer. For Discount offers, the total value of items in the basket that are affected by the offer will be discounted by the percentage that you enter.

Order of consumption

When an item in the basket is affected by an offer (and therefore forms part of it), ShopWired refers to the product as having been 'consumed' by the offer.

Where multiple items in the basket could be included in an offer (i.e. there are more items in the basket than are required for an offer), the 'order of consumption' setting refers to in what order products should be consumed by the offer - however this only applies when the basket items are in the same target (category or brand).

This setting does not look at all the products in the basket and determine which are included in the offer.

Product count

This setting determines how many products the customer has to purchase, from the offer targets (described below), in order to qualify for the offer. You cannot enter a range here, only a single number.

Example inputs for the settings described above are shown in the screenshot below.

Offer targets

Offer Targets are added to offers to determine which products are eligible for an offer.

You can either select individual products, or include all products from specified categories or brands. You can assign a maximum of 50 targets of each type to an offer.

For each offer target selected you will be required to enter a Minimum Quantity and a Maximum Quantity that can be in the basket for that particular target for it to meet the requirements of the offer.

The minimum quantity determines the minimum number of the target that must be in the basket for the basket to be eligible for the offer. A value of 0 is valid for the minimum quantity and means that the target does not have to be in the basket.

The maximum quantity determines the maximum number of the target that can be in the basket and included in the offer. If the customer has more than the maximum quantity in the basket the basket may still qualify for the offer, but not all the quantity of the target will be affected.

Useful Tip!

If it's optional for the product to be in the basket to qualify for the offer, the minimum quantity should be 0. If it must be in the basket it should be at least 1.

Example min/max quantities

In the first example below (a meal deal offer), the user is required to buy 1 product from the Sandwiches category, 1 from the Drinks category and 1 from the Crisps category. The product count is set to 3.

In the second example (a 3 bottles of wine for £10 deal), the user can buy up to 3 of any of the 3 target wine products. The product count is set to 3.

In the third example (a 3 for £10 deal), the user can buy up to 3 of any product from any of the 3 target categories. The product count is set to 3.

In the final example (an evening meal deal offer), the user must buy 1 bottle of wine, 2 desserts and then 2 products from either the ready meals or vegetarian ready meals categories. The product count is set to 5.

Excluded products

Finally, if you have added offer targets that are brands and/or categories and you want to exclude certain products from the offer you can select them here.

You can select a maximum of 50 excluded products.

Managing offers

Existing offers are available for you to manage from the 'view offers' page in your ShopWired account, as shown in the example below.

You can choose to edit an existing offer (to change the offer details), or to delete the offer (by clicking the delete icon).

You can also make an offer inactive (by unticking the 'active' tick box). This will retain the offer on your account but make it unavailable for users to use.

Inactive offers are not displayed on your website.