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Creating and managing sales

Sales are percentage discounts which allow you to offer a reduced price on an individual product or a group of products. The original price will be shown alongside the reduced sale price:

Please note!

Creating sales in this way is different from entering an individual sale price on a product as these sales work by percentage discounts and not by entering specific prices.

To create and manage your sales select Marketing > Sales from the menu.

• Creating a sale
• Managing existing sales

Creating a sale

If you have never created a sale before you will be prompted to create your first one:

In the ‘Create A New Sale’ section enter the details of your sale:

Sale Target
For the sale target select from the drop-down menu which product(s) the sale will apply to:

Select All Products to have the sale apply to every product on your website.
Select Product Category and then choose a category to have the sale apply to all of the products within that category. You can only choose one.
Select Brand/Manufacturer and then choose a brand to have the sale apply to all of the products within that brand. You can only choose one.
Select Product to choose a single product you want the sale to apply to. You can only choose one.

Sale Discount Offered
In this field enter the percentage off you are offering for this sale. Only numbers should be entered in this field.

Sale Begins On and Sale Expires On
Finally, choose when you want the sale to run. Use the date pickers to select when the sale should begin and end. The sale will begin from midnight (00:00:00) on the day you choose and will end at 23:59:59 on the day you choose for the sale to expire.

If you want the sale to begin as soon as you have created it select the tick box by now, and if you never want the sale to expire select the tick box by never:

Once you have finished inputting the information for your sale select create sale. After you've created your first sale select the 'Create A New Sale' section to open it if you want to create more sales.

Managing existing sales

Any sales you’ve created appear in your ‘Existing Sales’ section:

Target tells you the sale target of that sale.

Discount (%) tells you the percentage off you have offered in that sale.

Start/End tells you when your sale runs.

Use the tick box under Active to deactivate or reactivate a sale.

Select the button under Edit to edit any aspect of the sale. A form just like the sale creator form will open for you to edit the details. Just select save changes when you’re finished.

Select the bin icon under Delete to delete that sale.