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An introduction to offers

ShopWired's new offers system was launched on 28th September 2020.

The offers system allows you to create a wide range of different types of offers for your customers.


How the offers system works

All offers can be created as either fixed price offers (where you set the price the customer will pay) or discount offers (where you set the percentage discount the customer will get off the normal product pricing).

Offers can be created for specific products, specific categories (applying to all products in the category) or specific brands (apply to all products in the brand).

Some example offers:

• Buy 3 of the same product for a discount
• Buy 3 products (one from each of 3 different categories) for a discount
• Buy any 3 products from any 3 categories for a discount
• Buy any 3 products from 1 category for a discount
• Buy 1 specified product and 1 product from 1 category (i.e. 2 products in total) for a discount

These are just some examples of the types of offers that can be created, many more types are available.

Start and expiry dates

Offers can be created to have a fixed start and end date.

This means you can create offers in advance and set an expiration date after which time the offer will not be available.

Displaying offers


Please note that theme changes will need to be made to your theme in order to display offers on your website. Refer to the guidance here for more information.

Products can (with coding) display information about the offers they belong to. Each offer can display a short title and a long title, as shown in the example below.

Offer information can be included both on the category page and the product page.

When an item is in the cart and has an offer applied to it, the cart item can display the offer title and/or description to show the customer they have qualified for the offer, as shown in the example below.

Interaction with other offers

On ShopWired, products can only be affected by a single discount at any one time.

Products affected by an offer can therefore not also be affected by multibuy offers or voucher codes.

Multiple offers

Products can be eligible to receive a discount from more than one offer, but a single basket item can only have a single offer applied.

Where a product is eligible to be affected by multiple offers, ShopWired will always apply the offer that was created first.