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Creating new voucher codes

Please note!

Voucher codes and sales which you have created and which are active can be used at the same time by your customers. For example, if you place a sale of 10% off all products and also have an active voucher code which allows customers £5 off an order, your customer would be able to take advantage of both of these in a single order.

A voucher code is a string of letters and/or numbers which a customer enters at checkout to obtain a set discount pre-determined by you. You can have as many voucher codes active in your account as you want. Your customers will only be able to use one voucher code per transaction.

• Creating a voucher code
• How a customer uses a voucher code
• Frequently asked questions

Creating a voucher code

To create a voucher code select Marketing > Voucher Codes from the menu. If this is the first voucher code you are creating, your screen will look like this:

Select Create A New Voucher Code.


Enter the code that you want your customers to have to enter at checkout:

Each voucher code must be unique from any other vouchers that you create, and it is helpful if you make the code related to what the discount will be.

Discount type

Choose what discount type you are offering with the voucher code and enter in the ‘Discount Given’ box what the discount will be. There are 3 different discount types to choose from.

You can offer a USD discount with a certain number of $s off:

You can offer a % discount with a certain percentage off (if you charge VAT, the percentage off will be applied to the product price including VAT):

Or you can offer a shipping discount where you can offer a certain number of $s off or make shipping free:

With a shipping discount you must decide if you want the discount to apply to all shipping rates:

If you don’t want it to apply to all rates, untick the box, and select from the drop-down menu what shipping rate you want the voucher to apply to:

You can add multiple shipping rates by selecting + add another.


Next, choose the target for what orders you want the voucher code to apply to:

Your 5 choices are:

All Orders - where the voucher will apply to all orders when the code is used

Orders Over - where you will insert the minimum amount that the customer must have spent to qualify for the voucher code

Category - where you will choose which of your categories is eligible, it can be multiple categories

Product - where you will choose which of your products is eligible, it can be multiple products

Brand/Manufacturer - where you will choose which of your brands is eligible, it can be multiple brands

If you are using a USD discount and you choose Product as your target, you can also decide if you want the code to apply to multiple quantities of the product:

For example, if a customer orders 2 $10 shirts from you, their total before discount would be $20. A £5 voucher code that applies to the product would deduct £5 from the order total meaning they would be left with $15 to pay. However, if you tick the box to apply the discount to multiple quantities, then the code would deduct $5 from each shirt leaving them with $10 to pay.

The default setting is for the voucher code not to apply to multiple quantities.

Number of uses

Next, if you want there to be a limit on the total number of times the code can be used, enter the number into the ‘Number Of Times Can Be Used’ box. If there is no limit, select the tick box next to ‘unlimited’:

If you want there to be a limit to how many times any one customer can use the code, enter the number into the ‘Number Of Times A Customer Can Use’ box. Select the tick box next to ‘unlimited’ if a customer can use it any number of times:

Limiting the number of uses for a customer will only work if the customer is logged into their account when they make the purchase. If customers are allowed to checkout as a guest, they will be able to get around the limit.


Then, using the date pickers, choose when you want the voucher code to be available for use in the ‘Valid From’ and ‘Expires On’ boxes:

If you want the code to immediately become active upon creation, use the tick box by 'now'. If you never want the code to expire, use the tick box by 'never'.

The voucher code will be in use from midnight (00:00:00) on the day you choose for it to begin and will end at 23:59:59 on the day you choose for it to expire.


If you need to make any internal notes about the voucher code, enter them in the ‘Notes’ box:


Add tags, also for your internal use, to help you organise your voucher codes:

Type what you want the tag to be followed by a comma. You can add multiple tags to a voucher code.

Excluded Products/Categories

Use the 'Excluded Products' and 'Excluded Categories' sections to exclude certain products and categories from the voucher code:

Begin typing the product/category in the relevant box and then select it from the drop-down list to exclude it from that voucher code. Use the + add another button to add more products/categories. You can exclude both products and categories from one voucher code.

Please note!

When a voucher code is used, excluded products won't be affected by it. However, excluded products will still be included in calculations to determine whether or not a cart is eligible for a voucher code.

Automatically applied vouchers

Finally, using the tick box, decide if you want the discount to automatically be applied without the user having to enter the code:

Click here to learn more about automatically applying voucher codes.

Once you have finished inputting all of the information about the voucher code select create voucher code. If you set the voucher code to be valid from today’s date, then it will immediately become active in your store. It will stay active until it expires or you deactivate or delete it.

How a customer uses a voucher code

For a customer to use a voucher code with your website they must know what the voucher code is.

Then on the checkout page of your website they will see a place to enter their voucher code:

The exact layout of where the voucher code box is and how it will look depends upon your chosen theme.

Once they enter the voucher code the totals box will show them that the discount has been applied:

Frequently asked questions

Can a customer apply more than one voucher code to an order?

A customer will only be able to use one voucher code per transaction.

Can a customer apply a voucher code to an order that has a reward points discount?

Reward points and voucher codes can be used on the same basket, but they cannot apply to the same product. This means that if a product has already been discounted by a voucher code, it cannot be also be discounted by a reward points discount.