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An introduction to order status

Every order placed by a customer (or created by you through the management system) has a status.

The default status for all orders placed through your website is 'paid'. As an order is processed by you, you are able to change the order status so that you can keep track of what's happening with it.

When you view the 'orders' page on the management system, the status of each order will be displayed.

You can change the order status for an order by clicking on the individual order details and then selecting the new order status from the drop down.

More information on managing orders can be found at this article.

Order status

When your account is created it'll be pre-populated with some standard order status (such as 'Paid', 'Refunded', 'Dispatched').

You can customise these order status if you wish to by following the instructions in the articles in this help topic.

Automatic emails

Each time you update your order status, you're also able to send an automatic email to the customer to inform them of the change of status and provide additional information (such as a delivery tracking URL). These emails can also be customised by you. Read our article on Order Status Emails for more information.