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How to convert text to plain text

Please note!

Copying and pasting from Word or PDF files may cause the text editor to not work properly.

Any text that you copy from a file, such as a Microsoft Word document or Adobe PDF file, and paste into the CMS page editor will not appear exactly in the same way as it does in the source document. This is because these programmes work differently to website browsers, so when the text editor attempts to copy across the styling/format of the text as well as the actual text there are conflicts.

In order to avoid this problem, any text that you copy from one of these files needs to be converted into plain text.


The instructions contained within this guide should only be followed if there isn’t already content in the CMS editor box. If there is already text in the box, you can use a tool like this one instead.

How to convert to plain text

First, highlight the text in your source document and copy it to your computer’s clipboard by using CTRL + C on a Windows computer or CMD + C on an Apple computer.

Then go to the CMS page editor for the page you want to place the content on and select the </> icon to switch to code view:

The box will then look like this:

Paste your text into the box by using CTRL + V on a Windows computer or CMD + C on an Apple computer.

Select the </> icon again, and your plain text will be in the box ready for you to format: