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Trade category menu

The trade category menu feature allows you to have 2 separate category menus on your website. The first is shown to all website visitors and the second is only to shown to visitors that are logged into a trade account.

You must activate this feature before it can be used by editing your B2B settings.

The system is automatic

You don't need to make any changes to your website's files or menus, this feature is entirely automatic. All you need to do is decide which of your categories are 'trade' categories.

When adding/editing a category tick the box that says 'is this a trade only category' to make the category a trade one.

On the page in your account where you can view all categories, trade only categories are shown indicated with a T icon.

The product import/export system

Difficulties can arise with the trade category feature when you have categories that have the same name where one is for trade and the other is for normal visitors. Our product import/export system usually works from the category name. However the import system can't tell whether you intend for the product to be in the normal category or the trade one.

Please Note!

To stop this from causing any issues with the import/export system we recommend that if using the trade category feature that you do not name normal and trade only categories in exactly the same way.