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An introduction to setting different pricing for your trade customers

When you add products to your website you'll enter the price for that product, but you can set different pricing for each of your trade customers if you want to.

There are 3 ways to do this:

1) Set a global percentage discount for each trade account that applies to all products

2) Set an individual price for each product (or product variation)

3) Create pricing bands and assign trade customer accounts to them

You can find out more about each feature by reading either the Global Discounts, Individual Pricing or Pricing Bands articles.

Please Note!

An option exists to hide pricing on your website from visitors unless they are logged into a trade account, this can be achieved through a small amount of coding work to your theme. We have instructions on how to add the code here, or alternatively we can add the code for you (by selecting 'themes' from the left menu and then 'customisations' and finding the 'Hide prices from customers unless logged into an account' customisation).