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Creating trade accounts

• Creating new trade accounts
• Changing existing customer accounts to trade accounts

Creating new trade accounts

To manually create a trade account select B2B > Create Trade Account from the menu.

In the first section, ‘Account Details’, you must enter the company name, the email address and a password for the account on your website (they can change the password once they have logged into their account). You must enter these details in order to ensure the customer gets an email telling them they have an active account with you:

In this section you can also state whether or not the trade customer has chosen to accept marketing from you, and, if you have the reward points app, you can input how many reward points are on their account if they have any.

In the ‘Additional Contact Information’ section you can choose what information you want to enter:

The ‘Account Address’ section is also optional:

In the ‘Trade Discount’ section, decide how you want your pricing to be displayed to this particular trade account:

Click here to read more about trade pricing.

You can also decide if you want the customer to have a credit account:

In ‘Account Notes’ enter any internal notes you want to make about the trade account to store on the system:

If you have installed the ‘How You Heard About Us’ app, you will also see the ‘Customer Source’ box where you can input how the customer said they heard about you.

Finally, in the ‘Additional Information’ section you have 5 boxes to input any additional data you might need about the account:

Once you have finished inputting the information about the trade account select save changes. The account will then be automatically set to active, and the customer will receive an email saying their account with your website has been activated. Click here to learn how to edit the content of this automatic email.

Changing existing customer accounts to trade accounts

To change an existing customer account to a trade account select Customers from the menu. Select Edit on the customer you want to change. On the edit page select Convert To Trade Account in the top right corner:

You will be asked to confirm your choice.

Once you have confirmed the change you will see a ‘Customer converted to trade account’ success message:

That customer will then disappear from your normal customers page and will appear in your trade accounts.