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Selecting your website's B2B settings

If you are targeting customers that are other businesses there are certain settings that you can select for your website, described below.

Changing these settings will directly change the way that customers interact with your website. If you are unsure about any of the settings, please contact us before making a change.

To change the settings click 'settings' from the left menu and then 'b2b'.

You'll then be shown the settings.

You will indicate either 'Yes' or 'No' for each option.

When you are finished, click the 'save changes' button at the bottom of the page. The settings will be immediately applied to your website.

An explanation of each setting

Auto activate trade accounts created on the website

When a trade customer creates an account on your website it will need to be approved (activated) by you before it can be used by the customer.

You can choose to override this and automatically grant access to new trade accounts.

Choosing YES will automatically activate new trade accounts, NO will mean accounts need to be approved by you before being granted access.

Enabling wholesale delivery

Wholesale delivery is a particular feature designed for businesses that want to charge wholesale customers separately for delivery.

You can choose either YES or NO.

If you choose to enable wholesale delivery, you'll then need to configure the delivery settings. You can find out how to do this here.

Should bulk discounts only be available to trade customers

If you are using the bulk discounts app, you can choose to only make bulk discounts available to trade customers (logged into a trade account) by selecting YES for this setting.

Change the customer name to the company name on order pages

Wherever we reference the name of a customer in relation to an order that they have placed (like on the page where you view the orders you have received in your account) if you select YES for this setting then we'll display the company name in place of the customer name.

Default trade pricing band for new accounts

If you're using the trade pricing bands feature to set pricing for your trade customers, you can select a default pricing band that new trade customers are automatically assigned to (when their account is activated).

To do so, select the pricing band from the drop down list (as shown in the example below).

Activating a different product/category environment for trade customers

Selecting YES for this setting will enable you to have a different set of products/categories for trade customers and normal website visitors.

Once the setting is activated, a further set of settings will be displayed for you to choose from, described below.

A different product/category environment

Once the setting is activated, a set of additional settings will be displayed for you to choose from.

Each setting, and its effect, is described below.

Should non-trade customers be able to view products only assigned to trade categories

The platform will allow you to, effectively, create 'trade only' products if you want to, i.e. products that can only be viewed if a visitor is logged into a trade account.

If you'd like normal website visitors to be able to view any product on your website then select YES alternatively if you want to have 'trade only' products then select NO.

Show a different category menu to trade customers

You can show a different category menu to visitors that are logged into a trade account so that they can view products not visible to normal visitors to the site.

You can choose either YES or NO.

If you choose to enable this feature you'll need to edit your categories to decide who can see them. You can find out how to do this here.

When a trade customer is logged into their account they can either see only 'trade' categories or both 'trade categories' and normal categories.

Only show trade categories to trade customers

If you don't want trade categories to be visible to visitors not logged into a trade account, select YES else select NO, if you want all visitors to view all categories.

Hide non-trade products from trade customers

If you don't want trade customers, logged into an account, to be able to view non-trade products (i.e. products only assigned to non-trade categories) then select YES else select NO, if you want trade customers to be able to view all products.