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Global price discounts for trade customers

Global price discounts are percentage discounts that you can set on individual trade accounts. Once you have set a global discount, when the customer logs in to their account on your website they will automatically see the discounted prices.

For example, if you enter a discount of 5% for the trade account and a product’s price is £100.00, when the trade customer logs in to their account they’ll see the price at £95.00. Each trade account can have a different global percentage discount.

• Setting a global discount
• Excluding products from discount

Setting a global discount

You can set a global discount on a trade account when either creating or editing the trade account. On the creator/editor page for trade accounts find the section named ‘Trade Discount’:

In the ‘Discount On Normal Pricing’ box place the discount percentage you want to offer:

Once you have finished making changes select save changes.

Excluding products from discount

If you don’t want the percentage discount to apply to certain products, you can exclude products from trade discounts.

When creating/editing a product find the section named ‘Additional Information’ and select the tick box by ‘Is This Excluded From Trade Discounts?’:

Once you have finished select save changes or save + close.

Do this for each product that you want to be excluded.