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Individual pricing for trade customers

Another pricing option for trade accounts is individual product pricing. Through this system you can use a spreadsheet upload to set a price for each product and product variation on your account for each of your trade customer accounts. This means each of your trade accounts can be set up with a different price for a particular product.

To use this system each product and product variation that you want to set a price for would need to have an assigned SKU code.

Follow these instructions to prepare and upload the spreadsheet. These instructions assume that you will be creating a spreadsheet from scratch:

• Preparing the spreadsheet
• Saving the spreadsheet
• Uploading the spreadsheet

Preparing the spreadsheet

Helpful hint!

You might find it quicker and easier to take a product export to input your pricing information into, as the export can contain all of your products’ SKU codes ready for you to use.

To begin, open a new spreadsheet on your computer.

In column A leave row 1 empty, and place one SKU code for each product or product variation on each row after:

Once the SKU codes have been added, add the trade customer accounts that you want to update prices for. Beginning in column B place the ID of a trade customer in row 1:

Each trade account should be placed in a new column.

To obtain the ID of a trade account select B2B > View Trade Accounts from the menu. Select either the business name or the Edit button for the trade account you want to find the ID for. In the ‘Account Details’ box you will see the ‘Account ID’:

Once the account ID is in row 1, place the price of the product for that trade account in the same column as the account ID and in the same row as the SKU code for the product:

Repeat this process for each trade account:

To remove an already assigned price for a SKU code enter -1 in the row for that SKU code under the column for the trade account.

Please note!

  • In order for a customer to see their individual prices they will need to be logged into their account on your website.
  • If you don’t enter a price for a SKU code on a trade account then the global discount for that trade account (if you have set one) will be applied instead.

Saving the spreadsheet

In order to be processed by the system the spreadsheet must be saved as a CSV file. If you are using an Apple computer save the file as a ‘Windows Comma Separated (.csv)’ file. If you save the file in any other format the spreadsheet will not process.

You can save the spreadsheet using any name.

Uploading the spreadsheet

To upload the spreadsheet select B2B > Individual Trade Prices from the menu. In the 'Import Your Trade Product Prices' box, select Choose file to find and attach the spreadsheet from your computer’s hard drive:

Once the file is attached select import. Once the file has successfully uploaded you will see an ‘Import completed’ success message. If you are uploading a large file it could take a little while to process, but don’t navigate away from the page.

So you don’t have to make a new spreadsheet from scratch every time you want to make changes to your individual trade prices, you can download the most current file that you have uploaded in order to edit it: