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Individual pricing for trade customers

In your account, you can set an individual price for each product (and product variation) on your website, for each trade customer account.

This is managed via a spreadsheet upload. To use the system, all of your products or variations, will need to be assigned an SKU code.

You'll need to prepare and upload a spreadsheet that contains each SKU code in one column and then the price you want each customer to pay. Each trade customer should be listed in a separate column.

Preparing the spreadsheet

Create a new spreadsheet on your computer.

A Hint!

You may find it quicker to take a product export which will contain all of your products and variations and their SKU codes already in a spreadsheet.

The instructions below assume you are creating a new spreadsheet from scratch.

1. In column A you need to put the SKU code for the products (or product variations). Leave the first row empty.


2. Once you have entered the SKU codes into the spreadsheet you can now begin uploading prices for each trade customer.

3. In column B, row 1, you'll need to enter the ID of the trade customer.

To get the ID of the trade account, first click to view all the trade accounts in your account and then click on the name of the trade account. At the top of the page you'll see the trade account ID.

4. Place the trade account ID in row 1 of column B.

5. Next place the individual price for each SKU.

Now you'll have something that looks like the example below


Repeat this process for each trade account that you want to set an individual price for.

Please note:

1. If you aren't already using SKU codes for your product/variations you'll need to do so in order to use this feature.
2. If you don't enter a price for an SKU code then the global discount for the trade account will be applied (if one is set).
3. A trade account will need to be logged into their account in order to see the individual prices.

Saving the spreadsheet

The spreadsheet needs to be saved as a CSV file. If you are using an Apple Mac computer then you must save the file as a 'Windows Comma Separated CSV'. If the spreadsheet isn't in this format then when it's uploaded it won't be processed.

You can save the spreadsheet with any name that you like.

Uploading the spreadsheet

1. From the left menu select 'B2B' and then click 'individual trade prices'.

2. Choose the spreadsheet file from your computer's hard drive

3. Click the 'upload file' button.

Please note that if the file is large it will take a while to process so please be patient.

4. In future you can click the 'download current file' link to download your previous uploaded file rather than having to keep creating a spreadsheet from scratch each time you want to make a change.


In order for this feature to work you'll need to make sure that on your B2B Settings page the setting 'apply the trade discount to product price only at checkout' feature is disabled (i.e. NO is selected in the tick box). Read more about how to change this setting here.

Removing prices

If a customer has already been assigned a price for a particular SKU code, to remove that price from being assigned you should enter -1 in the cell.