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Creating user accounts

User accounts are used to allow you to grant other people access to the management system for your website so that they login with their own username and password.

When creating a user account you can limit the access that they have so that they can only edit certain parts of your website.

For example you may want to give a login to someone where they can only add new blog posts and nothing else. If so, you'd just create the user account with only access to blog posts.

Setting up user accounts

Once you've installed the APP you can start creating your user accounts.

1. Select 'your account' from the left hand menu and then 'user accounts'.

2. Click the 'add a new user' link.

3. Enter the name, email and choose a password for the user. You should inform the user to change their password to something only they know, once they login.

Password Security

Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. Users should be encouraged to change their password regularly.


A user's account password is transmitted to them by email once the account has been created. We recommend that users change their password on first login to their account to something only they know.

4. In the 'account access' section you need to select which areas of your account you want the user to have access to.

For sections you want them to be able to access place a tick in the box, for those you don't make sure the box is not ticked.

In the example above we have granted access only to 'Pages, Navigation & Snippets', the 'Themes' (Editing Section) and Featured Products. But they don't have access to any other features.

5. Click the 'save changes' button when finished.

An email will then be sent to the user confirming their account has been setup.

Managing existing users

You can edit the name, email and password for the user, or edit the access they have, by clicking their name and making your changes. Don't forget to click the 'save changes' button when you're finished.

You can also deactivate (or even delete) a user account. To deactivate just make sure the box doesn't have a tick in it. To delete click the delete icon.

The user experience

A user's experience on the management system is exactly the same as yours, except they can only access the sections you have given them access to.

User accounts are however not able to install APPs, change your package, or change your username/password (although they can change their own). They also can't create new user accounts.