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An introduction to domain names

A domain name, also known as a website address, is a string of text that identifies a particular website from other websites.

Examples of domain names are,,

All our stores come with a temporary domain name included for you to use whilst you're building your site. When you're ready to launch your site to the world you should use a custom domain name. A custom domain name is one that you choose (e.g.

Managing your domain names

To manage your domain names select 'your account' from the left hand menu and then 'domain name'.

On this page you'll see your temporary domain name and also a box to enter your custom domain name.

If you don't already have a custom domain name for your website you will need to register one with a domain registrar. We recommend Namesco for domain registration. Click here to register your domain name with Namesco.

Temporary domain names

You can read more about your temporary domain name by clicking here.

Custom domain names

Once you've registered your own domain name you can then read the instructions here on how to link it to your account.

Using more than one domain name

If you want to use more than one domain name with your website then please read our guide here.