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Managing your account

You can set account managers and manage your login information and support pin for your account by selecting Your Account > Account Settings from the menu.

• Your ShopWired account
• Support PIN
• Standards & Formats
• Account management

Your ShopWired account

On this page the first section is ‘Your ShopWired Account’ where you will find your account details and login information:

Your Account ID
This is your ShopWired account number. You cannot change this number.

Your Account Email Address
This is the email address you use to login to your account.

Account Holder Name
This is the name of the account holder.

Account Password + Confirm Password
These will be blank when the page loads. If you want to change your password enter the new password in both of these boxes.

If you want to change any of the information on this page, type the new information into the relevant box and select save changes.

Support PIN

The final box in the section is for your support pin:

When you contact the ShopWired support team a member of the team might ask you to give this support pin to ensure they are speaking to someone who has authorisation to request changes on your account.

When your account was created a support pin was automatically generated, but you can change the pin at any time.

The support pin should be between 4 and 6 numbers long.

Standards & Formats

Use the 'Standards & Formats' section to change the default time zone and unit system used in your account:

Under 'Time Zone' select the time zone which you would like your account to use. This will be used when displaying order times.

Under 'Unit System' select which measurement system, either 'Metric' or 'Imperial', you would like to use, and then select a default weight unit, 'Gram' or 'Kilogram' for metric and 'Pound' or 'Ounce' for imperial.

Please note!

If at any point you change your default weight unit (i.e. from 'Gram' to 'Kilogram'), the system will not recalculate the weights of your products for you. This means if you had a product which you had set a weight of 100g for, that product would then have a weight of 100kg. You will need to manually change the weights of your products yourself.

Account management

Using the account management section you can grant a ShopWired partner full access to your account (while retaining ownership) by designating them as an account manager.

For example, you might need to do this if someone is building a theme for you or if they are helping to improve conversions for your website.

To designate a manager enter the partner’s email into the ‘Managing Account Email Address’ box and click send:

They will then receive an invitation to access your account. Once they have accepted the invitation they will receive access to your account.

To revoke access click the revoke access button. This will immediately stop the partner from having any access to your account. You can do this at any time.