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Different VAT rates for products

If you are selling products where the standard VAT rate is not charged, for example smoking cessation products or heat-insulation products, you can enter the reduced VAT rate for the product when creating/editing it.

In order to use this feature you'll need to activate the custom VAT feature within your ShopWired account - although this feature does not require any coding work to be completed on your theme files. To do so, select 'apps & extensions' from the menu and then 'available extensions', find and click to activate the 'vat features' extension.

Once the extension is activated, when adding/editing a product in the 'product pricing' section you'll see a 'custom VAT rate' field (as shown in the example below).

In this field you should enter the VAT rate for the product. So if the VAT rate is 5% then you should enter 5.

If the product doesn't have a custom VAT rate then you should leave this field blank and the standard VAT rate will be charged.

If the product is zero rated for VAT then you should tick the 'yes' tick box (shown on the example above).

You do not need to make any adjustment to your theme's files to accommodate this feature, entering the custom VAT rate for the product is all you need to do.