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VAT relief for disabled customers

You may be selling products where, under certain circumstances, the customer (or end-user) is not required to pay VAT on the price of the product, (for example, a special telephone for people with dementia).

On ShopWired, products can be marked as eligible for VAT relief. Where a product is marked as eligible for VAT relief, at checkout the customer can be asked to confirm the eligibility and VAT can be removed from the appropriate products.

To use this feature you will need to activate the 'vat features' extension within your ShopWired account and coding work will need to be completed on your theme files to support a button or questionnaire for customers to confirm their eligibility.

To activate the extension, select 'apps & extensions' from the menu and then 'available extensions', find and click to activate the 'vat features' extension.

Activating this extension allows you to indicate which of your products are eligible for customers to claim VAT relief on.

When adding/editing a product, in the 'product pricing' section you'll see a tick box 'is this product eligible for VAT relief' - you should tick this box if you'd like your customer to be able to claim VAT relief on the product.

Coding changes

Product/category pages

You like to display a visual indicator or text if an individual product is eligible for VAT relief. An additional variable is available on the product object which will return true if a product has been marked as eligible for VAT relief, this is product.eligible_for_vat_relief.


On your theme, you'll need to enable a user to be able to 'claim' VAT relief (which will then remove the VAT element from the price of eligible products).

VAT can be removed from the applicable products in an order through a post request to /checkout/basket/vat-relief where the enable parameter on the request is set to 1.

Similarly, VAT relief can be removed from an order by setting the enable parameter to 0.

The default behaviour is for the user to be redirected to the home page after the post request is submitted. You can use the redirect parameter on the post request to set a new destination URL, e.g. /checkout/basket.

There is also an optional ajax parameter (1 or 0) which will return a JSON response (object) instead of redirecting. The response has a single property of success which will return true.

We Can Help!

You may require that your visitors complete an online form to declare their, or the product end-user's, eligibility to claim VAT relief before it can be applied to the order. Alternatively, you may want a different implementation of this extension. If you need any assistance please contact us and we'll discuss your requirements and provide you with a quote for the work you require.