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Zero rated/exempt delivery rates and products

Supplies of certain products, services or delivery charges do not attract VAT and are therefore either zero rated or exempt for VAT purposes.

Please note, ShopWired does not distinguish between the two terms of zero rated or exempt taxable supplies.

If your account has been set as VAT registered, when adding/editing a product or delivery rate in your ShopWired account, you can specify whether it has an effective 0% rate of VAT by following the instructions below.


If you have told ShopWired that you are VAT registered, when adding/editing a product in the section next to the product's price you'll find a 'is this product zero-rated for VAT?' tick box.

Ticking this box will set the product with an effective 0% VAT rate, therefore marking it as zero rated/exempt. If the product has any variations, choices or product extras, they too will be treated as having a 0% VAT rate.

Delivery rates

If you have told ShopWiredthat you are VAT registered, when adding/editing a delivery rate you'll see a box asking you whether the delivery rate is zero rated.

If you tick this box, the delivery rate will be set with an effective 0% VAT rateand will not attract any VAT.