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301 redirects

301 redirects are used when a particular page on a website (e.g. a product/category page or content page) is no longer present on a particular URL and you want to redirect website visitors (and search engines) to the new URL.

They can be used both where a page URL has changed or where the page no longer exists.

On ShopWired, 301 redirects are independent of the domain name. This means that the redirects work on the part of a page URL known as the path. For example in the URL, /product-page-url is the path.

You only need to set up 301 redirects where the URL of a page has changed or where the page no longer exists.

To set up 301 redirects you'll need to compile a list of the URLs of all of your website pages where the URL has changed - you'll need to check your new ShopWired website to see what the new URL of the page is. If the page does not exist on the new website you'll need to choose a URL that you want to redirect to (e.g. the home page).

Once you have prepared this information you should enter both the old URL and the new URL onto a spreadsheet in the format specified on this help guide.

Testing redirects

Once you have uploaded the redirects you can test they are working on your ShopWired website by visiting the old URL on your ShopWired website and making sure you are redirected to the correct page (i.e. the page you have specified in your 301 redirect spreadsheet).

For example, your current domain name is and a particular page appears at In your redirect spreadsheet you have said this page should be redirected to about-us.

If your ShopWired temporary domain name (because you haven't set your website live yet) is at
visiting the URL

should automatically redirect you to