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Adding site content and menus

When your ShopWired account is created we automatically create some text pages for you. Links to these pages are automatically added to your website's menus.

You can edit the content on these pages through your ShopWired account, see instructions here.

The pages we automatically create in your account are:

- About Us
- FAQs
- Delivery Information
- Terms & Conditions
- Privacy Policy
- Refund Policy

Contact us

The contact us page on ShopWired automatically displays the contact information you have added to your ShopWired account which you can edit on the settings page of your account.

In addition, most themes display at least one text snippet on the contact page.

The contact page also contains a contact form for your website visitors to use. When visitors complete this form you'll be sent an email to the email address configured on the email notifications page of your ShopWired account.

Adding new pages

You can create new content pages by following the instructions here. You should be able to just copy the page content across from your existing website into the ShopWired page (and make any formatting adjustments you need to) quite easily.

When creating a new page you'll need to add it to your website's menus using the link lists feature.

Blog posts

All ShopWired themes come with a blog feature available. Unfortunately nearly no ecommerce platforms provide an easy 'export' feature (so that you can export your blog posts into a CSV file and import those into ShopWired) so if you want to keep your blog posts on your new ShopWired website you will need to copy the content from your existing website into new blog posts on your ShopWired account.

You can read the help guides about blogging on ShopWired here.

Need help

If you need assistance copying content across to ShopWired please contact us.