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PayPal powered by Braintree

PayPal Powered by Braintree is an all-in-one payment provider that provides both a payment gateway and merchant account.

Having investigated many different payment gateway and merchant account providers, we feel that PayPal Powered by Braintree offers the best solution for our customers.

A few highlights:

i) Pricing starts at 1.9% + £0.20 per transaction (with discounts for established businesses)
ii) No monthly fee or minimum fees
iii) Simple application process with no joining fee
iv) No refund costs
v) Your customers can store their cards for faster checkout when they return
vi) PayPal Wallet integration is built in, so your customers can also log into their PayPal accounts to make payment
vii) Reduce your PCI burden by using Braintree Hosted Fields for sensitive data. Whilst still giving you ultimate control over the layout and page styling

If you don't already have one, you can set up an account within our platform by selecting 'checkout' from the left menu and then 'payment gateway'. Clicking the 'connect with Braintree' button will take you through the account set up process (which only takes a couple of minutes).

Braintree is a PayPal service, meaning you get Braintree's innovative technology and white-glove support backed by one of the world's most trusted and established fintech brands.

You can find out more about PayPal Powered by Braintree on the website here.

SSL Certificates

If you use the PayPal Powered by Braintree payment gateway you'll need an SSL certificate on your website. This is because your customer doesn't leave your website to make their payment and enters their card details on your website. Having an SSL certificate actually benefits your website in many different ways, and, as of December 2015, we now actively recommend that all users use an SSL certificate on their website.

PayPal powered by Braintree